Fuerte3  BVI Charters -- Classic Lagoon 67 Catamaran

We met over 20 years ago in eastern England while skating.   When Dawn was not busy working in restaurants, she was the top skating coach for the UK.   David was working as a systems engineer and electrician, as well as a chef at weekends.   We spent our first few years together restoring our cottage which was built in 1585.  Having sailed in many different areas we went to the BVI’s and fell in love with the islands.

It was Dawn’s idea to leave home and go off to sea; an idea that David greatly relished!   We decided that David would update his license at the top sailing academy in the world, whilst Dawn had one to one lessons with one of the region’s top cookery teachers. 

We have been the longest constantly serving and busiest captain and chef for the largest crewed charter company in the world, working on various yachts always in the BVI.   Our original idea was to work in this career for ten years. Having spent 12 years and almost 300 charters in the BVI’s we are still saying we want to spend another ten years in the job we love!

My family has been sailing for longer than I can remember.   I trained in hotel management for 2 years. but somehow ended up becoming a electrician which I loved.   I am a MCA/RYA commercially endorsed Yachtmaster 200 ton.   I love to drive my 1963 MGB. roadster called “The Baby” whenever I can.   I also enjoy old buildings, cooking, if Dawn lets me anywhere near the galley, photography, and I am attempting to learn the Didgeridoo with limited success!!

I was brought up travelling around Europe and North Africa with my parents.   When they finally settled down back home in England I found my love of skating.  Skating once again took me travelling!  Having settled down with David in our Cottage I thought my traveling days were over.   Then the BVI’s and sailing found me and off to new adventures we went.   I have worked in restaurants for many years and when I have time off, I love to do cookery courses for fun!

We are married and are both non smokers..


& Will deliver your best vacation ever).

Dawn & David Chown:

Over 300 charters in the BVI 13 years

Married nine years

Able to exceed expectations

Numerous Professional Licenses

Top Rated Bartender & Chef

UK Citizens

both Non-Smokers